EYE SPA services

Chalant Eye Spa specializes in exceptional, on-site eye spa services for our hotel partners. 

Pamper your guest eyes with Chalant rejuvenating eye spa services soothing music, a serene atmosphere, for your guest vision wellness.

We work directly with our hotel partner for packaged services. 

How eye SPA SERVICES will benefit your guests


Eye massages are wonderful for frequent business travelers.

Relieves Dry Eyes

Eliminate Dark Circles & Wrinkles

Improve Blood Flow & Sleep Habits

Relive sinus pressure & Headaches

EYE Yoga CLASSES at your hotel


Guest Amenities

Groups & Conferences

Groups & Conferences

 Being away from home can be a tiring time on the body and mind, but also an opportunity to retreat and foster a deeper connection with oneself.   


Groups & Conferences

Groups & Conferences

Groups & Conferences

 It’s hard to sit still in one place all day. Stand & Stretch among other classes provide an opportunity to energize before, after, and between the day’s events. 


Associate Classes

Groups & Conferences

Associate Classes

 Workplace wellness is a great way to show your staff love and care. 

We also offer online request from your staff or guest, and we’ll handle the rest, from booking to payment. The goal is to be on-site for a set number of hours per week.

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